Ninja-Like Know How Steals the Game!

COBRA PAW™ is a tile-snatching game where ninja-like reflexes, sharp recognition skills, and mental fortitude are needed to steal the win.

Master Meow

One day a wandering ninja—calling himself Master Meow—entered Phee Lion’s temple and challenged him to a game of Clawfuku. The loser of this contest would be cast into exile forever. Master Meow had developed a technique he called, “The Cobra Paw”. With this technique, Phee Lion was defeated — happiness and many good things returned to the land.

Clawfuku Stones and
Catnippon Dice:

Originally carved from volcanic rock found only in the ancient catacombs deep beneath Pounce Meowntain, Clawfuku Stones and Catnippon Dice are the traditional components of the Cobra Paw tournament.

Cobra Paw technique

Cobra Paw technique can not be taught, only discovered. Do you have the stones to step into the arena and compare your skills to the master?

Where to buy Cobra Paw™

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